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Naaltsoos biiʼ sinilí
tʼááłáʼí góneʼ (ádin)
naaki góneʼ (ádin)
tááʼ góneʼ (ádin)
dį́į́ʼ góneʼ (ádin)
ashdlaʼ góneʼ (ádin)
hastą́ą́ góneʼ (ádin)
tsostsʼid góneʼ (ádin)

Group rightsEdit

User:Seb az86556: I know they won't make you a bureaucrat, but have you considered requesting user groups for (auto)patrollers and rollbackers to be added? And after a straw poll, you may also be able to get the ratelimit increased to 10500/3 minutes (same as Commons) for (auto)patrollers and/or IP block exempt, which is plenty for most purposes.

As an admin, you could add anyone you want to those groups. You might even be able to request the creation of a "closer"/"eliminator" (deleters) user group which admins can grant, ruwiki and fawiki have this. All this stuff requires at least a local announcement (so.. here), allow some time for input and file a site request on Phabricator. I can help if you want. Stick it to the man!

In the meantime I'll see how far I get without noratelimit. It will probably be a PITA. Alexis Jazz (talk) 18:03, 5 Yaʼiishjáástsoh 2020 (UTC)